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SubjectRE: Supporting 4 way connections in LKSCTP
> The point is that address scoping should be used. When sending an
> INIT from to you should not list,
> since you are transmitting an address to a node which might or might
> not "be in the same scope".

You might have two machines that are connected via the public
internet and also via a private network.
The two sets of cabling being completely separate giving you
resilience to network failure.
In which case you definitely don't want address scoping.

While you may not want the SCTP traffic on the public network
itself, it could easily be routed separately.

We have systems that 'sort of' designate one interface for SIP/RTP
and the other for 'management'. They might run M3UA/SCTP but no one
has really thought enough about which interface(s) the M3UA traffic
should use.
(Think of an ISUP/SIP gateway using M3UA for ISUP signalling.)


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