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SubjectRe: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] xen-block: correctly define structures in public headers
On Wed, 2013-12-04 at 09:28 +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
> This could probably even be semi automated by producing a script to feed
> to gdb which run through all of the options and diffing the result.
> If I could have the moon on a stick I would have a tool such as this
> running against the canonical Xen headers, to catch breakage as it is
> introduced upstream and a tool which could run against an arbitrary ELF
> binary to validate it against the upstream results.
> tools/include/xen-foreign/ goes some way towards that but
> isn't really extensible to the extent we would need/want.

Perhaps the gdb python extensions are what we need:

or perhaps

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