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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/4] LP3943 MFD driver for a GPIO expander and a PWM generator
> > LP3943 is an integrated device capable of driving 16 output channels.
> > It can be used for GPIO expander and PWM generators.
> > LP3493 registers are controlled via the I2C interface.
> >
> > This patch-set consists of four parts - MFD, GPIO, PWM and documents.
> >
> > Update from v3 to v4:
> > Move the driver description from the documentation to the MFD driver file.
> >
> > Milo Kim (4):
> > mfd: add LP3943 MFD driver
> > gpio: add LP3943 I2C GPIO expander driver
> > pwm: add LP3943 PWM driver
> > Documentation: add LP3943 DT bindings and document
> I suspect that given the build-time dependencies Lee may want to take
> all four patches through the MFD tree, so I've acked the PWM parts.

Thanks Thierry.

Milo, would you mind re-sending the patch-set complete with
Thierry's Acks please? Also, can you send [PATCH 1/X]..[PATCH X/X] as
replies to [PATCH 0/X], as it aids greatly with status tracking.

Please see git send-email options:
`--[no-]thread` and `--[no-]chain-reply-to`

For shallow threading, which is what I believe you want, you need:
`--thread --no-chain-reply-to`

Lee Jones
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