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Subject[PATCH 0/4] sched: remove cpu_load decay
The cpu_load decays on time according past cpu load of rq. New sched_avg decays on tasks' load of time. Now we has 2 kind decay for cpu_load. That is a kind of redundancy. And increase the system load in sched_tick etc.

This patch removes the cpu_load decay.

There are 5 load_idx used for cpu_load in sched_domain. busy_idx and idle_idx are not zero usually, but newidle_idx, wake_idx and forkexec_idx are all zero on every arch. A shortcut to remove cpu_Load decay in the first patch. just one line patch for this change. :)

I have tested the patchset on my pandaES board, 2 cores ARM Cortex A9.
hackbench thread/pipe performance increased nearly 8% with this patchset!

latest kernel 527d1511310a89 + this patchset
hackbench -T -g 10 -f 40
23.25" 21.7"
23.16" 19.99"
24.24" 21.53"
hackbench -p -g 10 -f 40
26.52" 22.48"
23.89" 24.00"
25.65" 23.06"
hackbench -P -g 10 -f 40
20.14" 19.37"
19.96" 19.76"
21.76" 21.54"

Daniel tested this patchset on his Core2 2 socket server, the hackbench has no clear regression/improvement.
This patchset is also in Fengguang's x86 testing for more than 1 week, and no regression report until now.
Fengguang, could I assume there is no regression on Intel platforms? :)

The git tree for this patchset at: no-load-idx


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