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SubjectRe: Slab BUG with DEBUG_* options
> > I am debugging a reboot problem on Sun Ultra 5 (sparc64) with 512M RAM
> > and turned on DEBUG_PAGEALLOC DEBUG_SLAB and DEBUG_SLAB_LEAK (and most
> > other debug options) and got the following BUG and hang on startup. This
> > happened originally with 3.11-rc2-00058 where my bisection of
> > another problem lead, but I retested 3.12 to have the same BUG in the
> > same place.
> Hmmm. With CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC *and* DEBUG_SLAB you would get a pretty
> strange configuration with massive sizes of slabs.
> > kernel BUG at mm/slab.c:2391!
> Ok so this means that we are trying to create a cache with off slab
> management during bootstrap which should not happen.
> We should not be switching on CFLGS_OFF_SLAB here because the
> kmalloc array does not contain the necessary entries yet.
> Does this fix it? We may need a more sophisticated fix from someone who
> knows how handle CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC.


Kernel panic - not syncing: Creation of kmalloc slab (null) size=8388608
failed. Reason -7

CPU: 0 PID: 0 Comm: swapper Not tainted 3.11.0-rc2-00058-g20bafb3-dirty
Call Trace:
[000000000076416c] panic+0xb4/0x22c
[0000000000907488] create_boot_cache+0x70/0x84
[00000000009074d0] create_kmalloc_cache+0x34/0x60
[0000000000907540] create_kmalloc_caches+0x44/0x168
[0000000000908dfc] kmem_cache_init+0x1d0/0x1e0
[00000000008fc658] start_kernel+0x18c/0x370
[0000000000761db4] tlb_fixup_done+0x88/0x94
[0000000000000000] (null)

Am I just running out of memory perhaps?

Will try the other patch soon.

Meelis Roos (

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