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SubjectRE: [PATCH] mtd: increase max page/OOB size to support 16K pagesize NAND
> >
> > There are a lot of 16K page size NAND, they are used in android system.
> >
> > Many NAND need read retry and data randomization, kernel does not support this
> feature.
> Brian is adding the read-retry feature.
> I think the data randomization should be done by the hardware.
> If we do it by software, it costs lot of the cpu cycles.
> > Kernel also does not support synchronous NAND.
> The synchronous NAND should be supported by the nand controller driver,
> not the kernel.

Yes. Those feature should be support by NAND controller hardware and driver.
But the driver does not know what NAND should use those feature.
Perhaps, the NAND id table, should add something.

Looking forward to your feedback.
Best regards.
Cai Zhiyong.

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