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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/3] pinctrl: Add msm8x74 configuration
On 12/10/13 00:41, Bjorn Andersson wrote:
> On Fri 06 Dec 14:22 PST 2013, Stephen Boyd wrote:
>>> +config PINCTRL_MSM8X74
>>> + bool "Qualcomm 8x74 pin controller driver"
>>> + select PINCTRL_MSM
>> No help?
> I could write something up, although I guess someone will add a
> select PINCTRL_MSM8X74 in the mach-msm Kconfig and then we're done
> with it.

I hope nobody selects the PINCTRL_MSM8X74 config. It's certainly not
necessary to boot into a ramdisk. I thought checkpatch complained about
missing help for visible options.

>> Also, do we ever plan to have anything more than the gpio pins and the
>> sdc pins? It seems like we spend a lot of space describing exactly the
>> same thing in these structs for each of the 146 gpio pins when we could
>> just know that range 0 to 146 is gpio pins and have different code for
>> that part vs the 6 or something sd pins.
> We have to have a pingroup list, so I did look at having that list
> referencing a common object with the gpio/sdc specific data.
> But just having it in one large blob is the way that other pinctrl
> drivers does it and hence a common problem to pinctrl and multi-platform
> arm support.

I don't follow what Linus is recommending. How could
.gpio_request_enable()/.gpio_disable_free() help us here?

> I have not seen any code in the open referencing the other pins, so I
> left them out for now.

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