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SubjectRe: [PATCH] net: mv643xx_eth: Add missing phy_addr_set in DT mode

Sebastian Hesselbarth <> writes:

> On 11/05/2013 11:12 PM, Arnaud Ebalard wrote:
>> Hi Jason,
>> Jason Gunthorpe <> writes:
>>> Commit cc9d4598 'net: mv643xx_eth: use of_phy_connect if phy_node
>>> present' made the call to phy_scan optional, if the DT has a link to
>>> the phy node.
>>> However phy_scan has the side effect of calling phy_addr_set, which
>>> writes the phy MDIO address to the ethernet controller. If phy_addr_set
>>> is not called, and the bootloader has not set the correct address then
>>> the driver will fail to function.
>> Thanks *a lot* for fixing this one! I had the issue on my ReadyNAS 102
>> (Armada 370 based) which I had put on a todo list and temporarily
> Erm, just to make sure: Armada 370 isn't using mv643xx_eth but mvneta,
> are you sure it is (was) related to Jason's fix?

Thanks for pointing this, Sebastian and my apologies for the noise.
Jason's fix is indeed for a file which is not compiled for my RN102.

As the problem perfectly matched the issue I had and current kernel w/
the patch applied does indeed fix it, I did not try and do the test w/o
the patch applied. It would have showed the problem was fixed by
something else in 3.12. Well, I spent some time digging the changes on
mvneta.c and:

commit 714086029116b6b0a34e67ba1dd2f0d1cf26770c
Author: Thomas Petazzoni <>
Date: Wed Sep 4 16:21:18 2013 +0200

net: mvneta: properly disable HW PHY polling and ensure adjust_link() works

This commit fixes a long-standing bug that has been reported by many
users: on some Armada 370 platforms, only the network interface that
has been used in U-Boot to tftp the kernel works properly in
Linux. The other network interfaces can see a 'link up', but are
unable to transmit data. The reports were generally made on the Armada
370-based Mirabox, but have also been given on the Armada 370-RD


$ git tag --contains 714086029116

So the problem was indeed fixed at the beginning of 3.12 series by Thomas.

Anyway, my bad and thanks again for pointing it out.



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