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Subjectsince-3.12 branch opened for mm git tree (was: Re: mmotm 2013-11-04-16-11 uploaded)
mm git tree goes on again after some pause while I was on vacation.

I have just created since-3.12 branch in mm git tree
(;a=summary). It
is based on v3.12 tag in Linus tree and mmotm 2013-11-04-16-11.

I have merged Tejun's cgroups/for-3.13 branch to pull css_id changes.

As usual mmotm trees are tagged with signed tag
(finger print BB43 1E25 7FB8 660F F2F1 D22D 48E2 09A2 B310 E347)

The current shortlog says:
Akira Takeuchi (1):
mm: ensure get_unmapped_area() returns higher address than mmap_min_addr

Andrew Morton (1):

Bob Liu (2):
mm: thp: cleanup: mv alloc_hugepage to better place
mm: thp: khugepaged: add policy for finding target node

Catalin Marinas (1):
mm: kmemleak: avoid false negatives on vmalloc'ed objects

Christian Hesse (1):
Documentation/vm/zswap.txt: fix typos

Daeseok Youn (1):
mm/bootmem.c: remove unused local `map'

Damien Ramonda (1):
readahead: fix sequential read cache miss detection

David Rientjes (1):
mm, mempolicy: make mpol_to_str robust and always succeed

Fengguang Wu (1):
swap: swapin_nr_pages() can be static

Greg Thelen (1):
memcg: refactor mem_control_numa_stat_show()

Heiko Carstens (2):
mmap: arch_get_unmapped_area(): use proper mmap base for bottom up direction
s390/mmap: randomize mmap base for bottom up direction

Jan Kara (4):
writeback: do not sync data dirtied after sync start
writeback: use older_than_this_is_set instead of magic older_than_this == 0

Jerome Marchand (1):
mm/compaction.c: update comment about zone lock in isolate_freepages_block

Jianguo Wu (4):
mm/vmalloc: use NUMA_NO_NODE
mm/huge_memory.c: fix stale comments of transparent_hugepage_flags
mm/arch: use NUMA_NO_NODE
mm/mempolicy: use NUMA_NO_NODE

Joe Perches (1):
ksm: Remove redundant __GFP_ZERO from kcalloc

KOSAKI Motohiro (3):
mm: fix page_group_by_mobility_disabled breakage
mm: get rid of unnecessary overhead of trace_mm_page_alloc_extfrag()
mm: __rmqueue_fallback() should respect pageblock type

Krzysztof Kozlowski (2):
frontswap: enable call to invalidate area on swapoff
swap: fix setting PAGE_SIZE blocksize during swapoff/swapon race

Li Zefan (5):
memcg: convert to use cgroup_is_descendant()
memcg: convert to use cgroup id
memcg: fail to create cgroup if the cgroup id is too big
memcg: stop using css id
cgroup: kill css_id

Mel Gorman (1):
mm: do not walk all of system memory during show_mem

Michal Hocko (1):
Merge remote-tracking branch 'cgroups/for-3.13' into mmotm

Naoya Horiguchi (5):
mm: remove obsolete comments about page table lock
mm/memory-failure.c: move set_migratetype_isolate() outside get_any_page()
/proc/pid/smaps: show VM_SOFTDIRTY flag in VmFlags line
tools/vm/page-types.c: support KPF_SOFTDIRTY bit

Qiang Huang (4):
mm: add a helper function to check may oom condition
memcg, kmem: Use is_root_cache instead of hard code
memcg, kmem: rename cache_from_memcg to cache_from_memcg_idx
memcg, kmem: use cache_from_memcg_idx instead of hard code

Robin Holt (1):
mm/nobootmem.c: have __free_pages_memory() free in larger chunks.

Serge Hallyn (1):
device_cgroup: remove can_attach

Seth Jennings (1):
mm/swapfile.c: fix comment typos

Shaohua Li (1):
swap: add a simple detector for inappropriate swapin readahead

Tang Chen (6):
mm/memblock.c: factor out of top-down allocation
mm/memblock.c: introduce bottom-up allocation mode
x86/mm: factor out of top-down direct mapping setup
x86/mem-hotplug: support initialize page tables in bottom-up
x86, acpi, crash, kdump: do reserve_crashkernel() after SRAT is parsed.
mem-hotplug: introduce movable_node boot option

Toshi Kani (3):
cpu/mem hotplug: add try_online_node() for cpu_up()
mm: set N_CPU to node_states during boot
mm: clear N_CPU from node_states at CPU offline

Wanpeng Li (4):
mm/vmalloc: don't set area->caller twice
mm/vmalloc: fix show vmap_area information race with vmap_area tear down
mm/vmalloc: revert "mm/vmalloc.c: check VM_UNINITIALIZED flag in s_show instead of show_numa_info"
revert mm/vmalloc.c: emit the failure message before return

Weijie Yang (3):
mm/zswap: avoid unnecessary page scanning
mm/zswap: bugfix: memory leak when invalidate and reclaim occur concurrently
mm/zswap: refactor the get/put routines

Xishi Qiu (7):
mm/arch: use __free_reserved_page() to simplify the code
drivers/video/acornfb.c: use __free_reserved_page() to simplify the code
mm: use pgdat_end_pfn() to simplify the code in arch
mm: use pgdat_end_pfn() to simplify the code in others
mm: use populated_zone() instead of if(zone->present_pages)
mm/memory_hotplug.c: rename the function is_memblock_offlined_cb()
mm/memory_hotplug.c: use pfn_to_nid() instead of page_to_nid(pfn_to_page())

Ying Han (1):
memcg: support hierarchical memory.numa_stats

Zhang Yanfei (4):
mm/sparsemem: use PAGES_PER_SECTION to remove redundant nr_pages parameter
mm/sparsemem: fix a bug in free_map_bootmem when CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP
mm/page_alloc.c: remove unused marco LONG_ALIGN

Zheng Liu (1):
mm: improve the description for dirty_background_ratio/dirty_ratio sysctl

Zhi Yong Wu (2):
arch/x86/mm/init.c: fix incorrect function name in alloc_low_pages()
mm/page_alloc.c: fix comment in zlc_setup()

Michal Hocko

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