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SubjectRe: [PATCH]: exec: avoid propagating PF_NO_SETAFFINITY into userspace child
On 11/28, Tejun Heo wrote:
> * Is WQ_RESCUER actually necessary? If not, WQ_RESCUER will be
> dropped and the task bearing the name of the workqueue will no
> longer exist.

WQ_MEM_RECLAIM, I guess. Probably not...

> * Is ordered execution necessary? If not, it can be converted to
> alloc_workqueue() or just to use system_wq.

I think no. This is the reason for kmod_thread_locker hack.

> khelper is special as its attributes get inherited to its children,
> so, yeah, we probably wanna keep that one's cpumask set to all.

And btw. Note ____call_usermodehelper()->set_cpus_allowed_ptr(cpu_all_mask).

Even if we change the affinity of the "khelper" worker threads this
won't restrict the user-space helpers.

I think this set_cpus_allowed_ptr() should die in any case?


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