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SubjectRe: mistakes in code vs. maintainer flow mistakes (was: [ 00/19] 3.10.1-stable review)
Ok, I just revisited the "Sarah Sharp" "no more abuse" blogpost, where I 
wrote a long comment on the problem she was describing, only to find
that my comment was not there. I felt a certain degree of provocation,
since this was a serious and honest post, without any kind of abuse,
from someone who has researched religion for 10 years.

Later she says she summed up her views, in an LKML post, stating
"Professional behavior should be the default."

And I am wondering where that comment went. I don´t know if Sarah
deliberately removed it, or filtered it, however a lot of people are
like this, "professional behaviour" does not include religious viewpoints.

And what is that other than a facistic abuse.

And do know that religion can be other than christianity, and that even
believers, can do worldclass code.

I remember the post, and since this has been a topic of discussion, many
places, I am going to repeat the main parts of it here.

Good conduct historically comes from monotheism, that states "God has no
partners". That encourages good conduct, in accordance to the nature he
created you with. As The Quran states "He created you in the best of
stature". Polytheism is forbidden, and polytheism is about idols,
phallic objects, overriding nature with pretense behaviour. Which in
turn is facism.

If one is going to discuss behaviour, I think this is the only basis for
this, and unbehaved people are online, everywhere. I think the
difference is really in ones religion.

I did a lot of research on this, which can be read on my blog.

I also do some open-source worldclass DSP plugins, and music production,
links to this are also on my page.

Theoretically I do believe having a superordinate God of Almightyness,
(Lord Of The Heavens And The Earth) help defeat many idolaterous and
obscure theories and beliefs, that makes people behave irrationaliy, and

So for good behaviour, and a beneficient society, one should always work
for monotheism. And this is not at all unintelligent. This is simply far
above the level of many, so there I guess it is often missed in a
discussion, that would lead to any real fix. Without it you are simply
playing with semantics, and renaming the problem, favouring some group
of facism.

Peace Be With You.
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