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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] regulator updates for v3.13-rc1
On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 01:10:01PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Btw, I suspect you could/should have just used an "octopus merge" to
> merge these kinds of small independent branches in one go. Just list
> all the branches you want to merge for one single "git merge", and
> you're done.

Yes, it's a more accurate reflection of what I'm doing since none of the
individual merges is a meaningful stage in development - either the
topics get used or the final for-linus and for-next merges get used but
not anything in between. In fact my script originally started off doing
octopus merges but then Takashi complained at me saying you'd get
annoyed so I switched to the stack of merges.

> But it's up to you. I like seeing topic branches, and that part is
> absolutely a good git habit to get into. Octopus merges then have the
> upside that they then avoid having lots of pointless small merge
> commits to tie them all together, but they can make it slightly more
> challenging to figure out what went wrong if problems happen. So in
> this case, one option might have been to merge the three independent
> driver fixes with one single octopus merge, and then merge the core
> fix separately as a normal merge.

> Whatever. Not a big deal, I just thought I'd mention it if you perhaps
> didn't realize that git happily merges multiple branches at once..

If you're OK with octopus merges for things like this I'll definitely
take another look at using them, the enormous stack of merge commits
always looks noisy to me in the logs and pull requests and for things
like driver updates there's unlikely to be much doubt about which branch
it was if there's a problem.
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