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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] IOMMU: Save pci device id instead of pci_dev* pointer for DMAR devices
On 2013/11/20 23:59, David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Fri, 2013-11-08 at 08:46 -0700, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
>> I don't know the IOMMU drivers well either, but it seems like they
>> rely on notifications of device addition and removal (see
>> iommu_bus_notifier()). It doesn't seem right for them to also use the
>> generic PCI interfaces like pci_get_domain_bus_and_slot() because the
>> IOMMU driver should already know what devices exist and their
>> lifetimes. It seems like confusion to mix the two. But I don't have
>> a concrete suggestion.

Hi David,
Thanks for your review and comment!

> The generic IOMMU code has a notifier, and calls through to an
> ->add_device() method in the specific IOMMU driver's iommu_ops.
> The Intel IOMMU driver predates that, and its scheme for mapping devices
> to the correct DMAR unit is different. It happens entirely within the
> get_domain_for_dev() function, which happens when we're first asked to
> set up a mapping for a given device (when we don't already have the
> answer stashed in dev->archdata).
> I think we should add an ->add_device() method to the Intel IOMMU
> driver, and make it do much of what's in get_domain_for_dev() right now
> — finding the "proxy" device (the upstream PCIe bridge or whatever), and
> then looking through the ACPI DMAR table to find which DMAR unit that's
> attached to. Then we stash that information (dmar, devfn) in
> dev->archdata, and get_domain_for_dev() still has *some* work to do,
> actually allocating a logical domain on the IOMMU in question, but not
> as much. And refcount the damn domain instead of playing the horrid
> tricks we currently do to hang it off the upstream proxy device *too*.

Intel IOMMU driver has an ->add_device() method already, .add_device = intel_iommu_add_device,
this method was used to update iommu group info. Since Intel IOMMU driver has
its own notifier, so maybe it's a nice candidate to do something.
Currently, dmar driver parse DMAR table and find the pci device id under a specific
DRHD. But only save the device pci_dev * pointer in devices array. So if this pci device
was removed, this info became stale info. In the last version patch, I use pci device id intead
of pci_dev * pointer array completely. This maybe introduce some unsafe issues. Because
pci device maybe destroyed during process device dma mapping etc.

So, I have rework the patch and try to save pci device id as well as pci_dev *pointer, like:

struct dmar_device {
u16 segment;
u8 bus;
u8 devfn; ----------->these tree will be used only when pci device add or remove, we will use them to update pci_dev * pointer in intel iommu driver notifier.
struct list_head list; -->add to DRHD device list.
struct pci_dev *pdev; --->use to hold the pci device

What do you think about ?

In this new patch, we won't change the Intel iommu driver much, just enhance Intel driver iommu
notifier to make DRHD device list always effect, not stale info.

I will send out this new patch soon.

> My main concern here is that the DMAR table contains the PCI bus numbers
> at boot time. Doing the lookup later will only work if we don't renumber
> busses. Or if we have a way to look things up based on the *original*
> bus number.

If we won't remove the pci device, the occupied buses won't be change, I think.
And because in the new patch, we still use pci_dev *pointer to find match DRHD, so
this is not a regression.
Since DMAR also use pci device id to identify the support device,
I have not found anything instead of device id.

In AMD IOMMU driver, it seems to use pci device id to identify drhd too, although
I just take a quickly glanced at it, maybe not correctly.

> The Intel IOMMU also has a bus notifier of its own which it only uses to
> know when a driver is *detached*, so it can tear down the logical domain
> for the corresponding device. Would be nice to have the generic IOMMU
> notifier call a callback for us then too, perhaps.

Update the device info in Intel IOMMU driver is a good point.




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