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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/9] phy: add phy_get_bus_width()/phy_set_bus_width() calls
Hi Tomasz,

On Saturday 02 November 2013 06:44 PM, Tomasz Figa wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> On Friday 01 of November 2013 15:45:50 Matt Porter wrote:
>> This adds a pair of APIs that allows the generic PHY subsystem to
>> provide information on the PHY bus width. The PHY provider driver may
>> use phy_set_bus_width() to set the bus width that the PHY supports.
>> The controller driver may then use phy_get_bus_width() to fetch the
>> PHY bus width in order to properly configure the controller.
> I somehow does not like this. If we take this path for any further
> properties that we may need, we will end up with a lot of consumer
> specific properties stored in a PHY object having their own accessor
> functions.

Only after all of us feel that a property is *generic* enough, we allow
it to be added in the PHY object.
> Since this is just an integration detail, what about simply adding this as
> a property in device tree node of the OTG controller (and pdata if
> considering non-DT support)?

We already had a discussion about this and the dt maintainers suggested
the property should be in the PHY. [1]

[1] ->


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