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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers: w1: make w1_slave::flags long to avoid casts
> 01.11.2013, 23:30, "Andrew Morton" <>:
>> set_bit() operates on longs.  So if we do
>> struct foo { u32 a; u32 b; } f;
>> set_bit(0, (long *)&f.a);
>> then we'll scribble on f.b on a big-endian 64-bit machine.

On Sat, Nov 02 2013, Рустафа Джамурахметов <> wrote:
> Argh, why would we just don't do that? Its in-memory field, it can be
> anything, I wouldn't be surprised if it even can be non-atomic because
> of proper locks already being held

If the driver does not require an atomic set_bit operation for setting
and testing the flag, feel free to prepare a patch replacing the whole
thing with a plain bool.
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