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Subject[PATCH v3 0/2] watchdog: bcm281xx: Watchdog Driver
This is version 3 of the watchdog driver for the BCM281xx family of mobile

Changes since version 2:

- BCM_KONA_WDT_NAME: "bcm-kona-wdt" -> "bcm_kona_wdt"
- Don't initialize static variable
- Remove '{'/'}' from single-line statements
- busy_count retains the maximum loop count of the longest loop rather
than an over-all maximum
- Use seq_puts() in lieu of seq_printf() in 2 locations
- Removed error message after devm_kzalloc()

Changes since version 1:

- Added module name to "help" section in Kconfig A few cosmetic code
- simplifications and fixes Removed most dev_info() calls and changed the
- remaining ones to dev_dbg() Renamed SECWDOG_WD_LOAD_FLAG_MASK to
- SECWDOG_WD_LOAD_FLAG Added some comments to secure_register_read() and
- struct bcm_kona_wdt Added delay to secure_register_read() Reduced maximum
- retry loop from 10000 to 1000 Introduced "busy_count" variable to count
- how often secure_register_read() gets stalled; this is available through
- debugfs Simplified secure_register_read() to return -ETIMEDOUT rather than
- using a variable parameter to indicate a timeout error Got rid of all uses
- of -EAGAIN Fixed return value check for debugfs_create_dir() Simplified
- bcm_kona_wdt_debugfs_init() by getting rid of goto Created new generic
- function bcm_kona_wdt_ctrl_reg_modify() The following functions now use
- bcm_kona_wdt_ctrl_reg_modify():
- bcm_kona_wdt_set_resolution_reg() bcm_kona_wdt_set_timeout_reg()
- bcm_kona_wdt_stop()
- Made bcm_kona_wdt_set_timeout_reg() more generic, so bcm_kona_wdt_start()

Markus Mayer (2):
watchdog: bcm281xx: Watchdog Driver
ARM: bcm281xx: watchdog configuration

arch/arm/configs/bcm_defconfig | 3 +
drivers/watchdog/Kconfig | 22 +++
drivers/watchdog/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/watchdog/bcm_kona_wdt.c | 366 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
4 files changed, 392 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 drivers/watchdog/bcm_kona_wdt.c


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