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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 01/03] clocksource: Add Kconfig entries for CMT, MTU2, TMU and STI
On Wednesday 13 November 2013, John Stultz wrote:
> > +config EM_TIMER_STI
> > + bool "STI timer driver"
> > + default y if ARM
> > + help
> > + This enables build of the STI timer driver.
> So since I do want to avoid adding user-selectable configs if
> possible, here are some concrete thoughts on this patch, trying to
> provide an example from my more abstract rants down thread. :)

I think we should be using the CONFIG_BUILD_TEST (or whatever
it's called) here to allow building the drivers everywhere but
at the same time be specific with the platform. How about this:

bool "Renesas EMMA EV2 STI timer driver" if BUILD_TEST && !ARCH_EMEV2
default ARCH_EMEV2

This makes it a silent option that is set correctly all the time
but lets you enable it everywhere when BUILD_TEST is set.

We could skip the "&& !ARCH_EMEV2" part to allow building an
EMEV2 kernel without this driver when build testing if that
is possible.


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