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Subject[ANNOUNCE] ddpt, version 0.93 available
ddpt is yet another variant of the venerable Unix dd command
line utility. Some features found in ddpt which are not found
in the current (GNU) dd implementation:

- extended copy (xcopy) support
- SCSI protection (DIF) support
- bandwidth limiting
- write sparing (i.e. don't write buffer if already same
as destination)
- resume (after the copy has been interrupted)
- trim on output of copy, self trim (pt interface only)
- send output to a second file (see 'of2=' option)
- allow access of devices directly via pass-through
interface, bypassing file system
- explicit controls over how much data is read into the
copy buffer and then written to output (separate from
the logical block sizes of any device involved)

For more information and downloads see:

Changelog for ddpt-0.93 [20131113] [svn: r242]
- add xcopy support, new flags: xcopy, cat, dc;
new options: id_usage=, list_id=, prio=
- add intio=0|1 ; rework signal handling
- allow tape device in non-pt mode
- fix fifo read when bs is large
- add delay=MS,W_MS for bandwidth limiting
- add oflag=ignoreew,pad,nofm,nopad for tape
- add iseek= option, synonym for skip=
- add oseek= option, synonym for seek=
- add protect=RDP,WRP option
- add cdbsz=32 option for READ(32) and WRITE(32)
- add rarc flag for scsi read cdbs
- add block flag for pt (non blocking by default)
- fix overflow on OFILE when input fifo
- ./configure options:
- change --enable-no-linux-bsg to --disable-linuxbsg
- add --disable-scsistrings to reduce utility size
with non-libsgutils build
- reduce ddpt.c size by adding ddpt_pt.c
- win32: fixes for cygwin version 1.7.17 headers
- translate O_EXCL to no sharing
- point svn:externals to rev 522 of sg3_utils
- upgrade automake to version 1.13.3

Changelog for ddpt-0.92 [20110217] [svn: r157]

Doug Gilbert

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