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SubjectRe: nohz problem with idle time on old hardware
On Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:31:34 -0500
Steven Rostedt <> wrote:

> The trace does indeed show that a tick is happening, as the config has
> HZ=250 (4ms) and we see a tick happen every 4ms. But for some reason,
> we don't update the the idle time correctly when nohz is enabled.
> When I say nohz is enabled, I mean that we don't have nohz=off in the
> command line. There seems to be some difference between having nohz=off
> and having nohz disabled at runtime.

Looking at the differences between nohz=off from the command line, and
disabled at run time seems to be the variable "tick_nohz_enabled". I
don't see where it gets set to zero except for nohz=off.

$ git grep tick_nohz_enabled
kernel/rcutree.h: int tick_nohz_enabled_snap; /* Previously seen
value from sysfs. */ kernel/rcutree_plugin.h:extern int
tick_nohz_enabled; kernel/rcutree_plugin.h: tne =
ACCESS_ONCE(tick_nohz_enabled); kernel/rcutree_plugin.h: if
(tne != rdtp->tick_nohz_enabled_snap)
{ kernel/rcutree_plugin.h: rdtp->tick_nohz_enabled_snap
= tne; kernel/rcutree_plugin.h:
rdtp->tick_nohz_enabled_snap ? '.' : 'D'); kernel/time/tick-sched.c:int
tick_nohz_enabled __read_mostly = 1;
kernel/time/tick-sched.c: tick_nohz_enabled = 0;
kernel/time/tick-sched.c: tick_nohz_enabled = 1;
kernel/time/tick-sched.c: if (!tick_nohz_enabled)
kernel/time/tick-sched.c: if (!tick_nohz_enabled)
kernel/time/tick-sched.c: if (!tick_nohz_enabled)
kernel/time/tick-sched.c: if (tick_nohz_enabled)

What's even stranger is that the RCU code in rcutree_plugin.h does an
ACCESS_ONCE(tick_nohz_enabled) as if it can change.

That said, looking at the fs/proc/stat.c get_idle_time() it does an
idle_time = get_cpu_idle_time_us(cpu, NULL) which has:

u64 get_cpu_idle_time_us(int cpu, u64 *last_update_time)
struct tick_sched *ts = &per_cpu(tick_cpu_sched, cpu);
ktime_t now, idle;

if (!tick_nohz_enabled)
return -1;

now = ktime_get();
if (last_update_time) {
update_ts_time_stats(cpu, ts, now, last_update_time);
idle = ts->idle_sleeptime;
} else {
if (ts->idle_active && !nr_iowait_cpu(cpu)) {
ktime_t delta = ktime_sub(now, ts->idle_entrytime);
idle = ktime_add(ts->idle_sleeptime, delta);
} else {
idle = ts->idle_sleeptime;

return ktime_to_us(idle);


This is one of the differences between nohz=off and nohz=on with jiffy
accounting. When we have nohz=off, this returns -1 and the calling
function calculates the idle time differently.

-- Steve

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