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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/5] perf record: Handle out of space failures writing data with mmap
On 11/12/13, 2:19 PM, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> So this isn't very robust, because it assumes that all sources of SIGBUS
> are due to that memcpy() hitting -ENOSPC...
> There are several failure modes:
> - If mmap_jmp is not set yet and we get a SIGBUS is some other place,
> then the longjmp() result will be undefined.
> - If mmap_jmp environment is set, but we've returned from
> do_mmap_output() already, then the result will be undefined - likely a
> non-obvious crash.
> So at minimum we need a flag that tells us whether the jump environment is
> valid or not - i.e. whether we are executing inside the protected region
> or not - and only do the longjmp() if that flag is set.

Right I meant to add that -- a flag to know when the jmp should be used.
Got distracted.

> Is there really no other way to handle the -ENOSPC case robustly? I guess
> not because the memcpy() really needs memory to write to, but I thought
> I'd ask ...

You need some means to interrupt memcpy and bounce out of it. longjmp is
the only option I know of.


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