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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] clockevents/clocksource: 3.12 fixes
Hi Thomas,

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 11:57:46PM +0100, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> The whole misery starts that you decided to play maintainer and grab
> some patches from the mailinglist and then offering them via a pull
> request to me and others. Finally you tricked Daniel to take them,
From my POV this isn't "playing maintainer". You stopped reacting on the
issue and I thought I make it easier for you (and others) to handle the
patches in case you didn't take because of being busy with other stuff.

> which is a different issue.
> There is a reason why I ignored that pull request:
> I generally do not pull git trees from people who I'm not
> trusting. And I have good reasons not to trust you at all.
> Aside of that, I decided to give you a chance and actually pulled
> your tree into a temporary branch and found out that it's missing a
> stable annotation. Which made the whole exercise go into /dev/null
I didn't add that stable annotation because I didn't want to add it
without you being ok with it. And actually it's easy to get a patch into
stable that isn't annotated. The other way round is harder.

> Now Linus pulled my version way before Daniel pulled your tree into
> his. And you even commented on my commit that I forgot to add a
> tested-by tag. Yes, I missed that in favour of the stable annotation.
> But instead of rebasing your tree or even just withdrawing it and
> resending the at91 patch, you let Daniel pull your thing.
To be fair Daniel said to take my pull request a few days before your
tip-bot told me that you finally took the patch. I could argue that it
was your turn to tell Daniel that you took a part of the patches that
were in my pull request. (But I don't as the situation it handled now
and even if not, the only bad thing that would have happend is that
another patch is duplicated in the history. shrug)

Best regards

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