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SubjectRe: Strange location and name for platform devices when device-tree is used.
On Fri, 2013-11-01 at 11:04 -0700, Grant Likely wrote:

> There are two problems here. First, making the change moves all the DT
> populated devices under the /sys/devices/platform tree, not just
> platform devices.

All DT populated *platform* devices. There are others that have their
own locations.

> Second, I expect there is going to be userspace breakage to move them.
> I've considered moving them before, but so far have felt that being
> tidier hasn't been worth the potential breakage. Userspace /shouldn't/
> be relying on the node name, but we all know that userspace always does
> what it should, right?
> That said, I'm mostly concerned about breakage on Power machines, not on
> the ARM devices in this regard. If you are convinced that I'm worrying about
> nothing, then I'm fine with making the change. If anyone complains
> however then it will need to be reverted.

I don't see an issue with power.


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