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SubjectRe: scsi-mq + open-iscsi support patches..?
On 10/28/13 5:03 PM, Nicholas A. Bellinger wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Just curious as to the status of the scsi-mq conversion patches for
> open-iscsi that you where working on a while back..?
> I'm asking because recently I've been spending alot of time with scsi-mq
> + virtio-scsi, and would really to start banging on iser-target ports
> using an scsi-mq enabled iser-initiator as well..
> So that said, are there any blockers holding things up towards getting a
> working prototype..?

Just time. Just finished a release at work and just got back from
vacation so hoping to work on this some more in the next weeks.

On a related note, some iscsi vendor has been hitting a crash with your
tree. Have you rebased it it to take in Christoph's changes and fixes
that are in Jens's tree? The code here

looks ok. That is the current code right?

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