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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCHSET 00/14] perf report: Add support to accumulate hist periods (v2)

* Namhyung Kim <> wrote:

> When the -g cumulative option is given, it'll be shown like this:
> $ perf report -g cumulative --stdio
> # Overhead Overhead (Acc) Command Shared Object Symbol
> # ........ .............. ....... ................. .......................
> #
> 0.00% 88.29% abc [.] __libc_start_main
> 0.00% 88.29% abc abc [.] main
> 0.00% 88.29% abc abc [.] c
> 0.00% 88.29% abc abc [.] b
> 88.29% 88.29% abc abc [.] a
> 0.00% 11.61% abc [k] _dl_sysdep_start
> 0.00% 9.43% abc [.] dl_main
> 9.43% 9.43% abc [.] _dl_relocate_object
> 2.27% 2.27% abc [kernel.kallsyms] [k] page_fault
> 0.00% 2.18% abc [k] _dl_start_user
> 0.00% 0.10% abc [.] _start
> As you can see __libc_start_main -> main -> c -> b -> a callchain
> show up in the output.

This looks really useful!

A couple of details:


This is pretty close to SysProf output, right? So why not use the
well-known SysProf naming and call the first column 'self' and the
second column 'total'? I think those names are pretty intuitive and
it would help people who come from SysProf over to perf.


Is it possible to configure the default 'report -g' style, so that
people who'd like to use it all the time don't have to type '-g
cumulative' all the time?


I'd even argue that we enable this reporting feature by default, if
a data file includes call-chain data: the first column will still
show the well-known percentage that perf report produces today, the
second column will be a new feature in essence.

The only open question would be, by which column should we sort:
'sysprof style' sorts by 'total', 'perf style' sorts by 'self'.


This is not directly related to the new feature you added:
call-graph profiling still takes quite a bit of time. It might make
sense to save the ordered histogram to a file, so
that repeat invocations of 'perf report' don't have to recalculate
everything again and again?

This file would be maintained transparently and would only be
re-created when the file changes, or something like that.


I realize that this is an early RFC, still there are some usability
complaints I have about call-graph recording/reporting which should
be addressed before adding new features.

For example I tried to get a list of the -g output modi via:

$ perf report -g help

Which produced a lot of options - I think it should produce only a
list of -g options. It also doesn't list cumulative:

-g, --call-graph <output_type,min_percent[,print_limit],call_order>
Display callchains using output_type
(graph, flat, fractal, or none) , min percent threshold, optional
print limit, callchain order, key (function or address). Default:

Also, the list is very long and not very readable - I think there
should be more newlines.

Then I tried to do:

$ perf report -g

which, somewhat surprisingly, was accepted. Given that call-graph is recognized automatically by 'perf report', the -g
option should only accept -g <type> syntax and provide a list of
options when '-g' or '-g help' is provided.


A similar UI problem exists on the 'perf record' side: 'perf record
--call-graph help' should produce a specific list of call-graph
possibilities, not the two screens full output it does today.

> I know it have some rough edges or even bugs, but I really want to
> release it and get reviews. It does not handle event groups and
> annotations and it has a bug on TUI.
> You can also get this series on 'perf/cumulate-v2' branch in my tree at:
> git://

So I tried it out on top of tip:master, with your testcase, and in
the --stdio case it works very well:

# Overhead Overhead (Acc) Command Shared Object Symbol
# ........ .............. ....... ................. ..........................................
0.00% 100.00% abc abc [.] _start
0.00% 100.00% abc [.] __libc_start_main
0.00% 100.00% abc abc [.] main
0.00% 100.00% abc abc [.] c
0.00% 100.00% abc abc [.] b
99.79% 100.00% abc abc [.] a
0.01% 0.21% abc [kernel.kallsyms] [k] apic_timer_interrupt

In the TUI output the 'c' entry is not visible:

99.79% 100.00% abc abc [.] a
0.00% 99.79% abc abc [.] b
0.01% 0.21% abc [kernel.kallsyms] [k] apic_timer_interrupt
0.00% 0.19% abc [kernel.kallsyms] [k] smp_apic_timer_interrupt

I suspect this is the 'TUI bug' you mentioned?

> Any comments are welcome, thanks.

Cool stuff, let's fix & merge it ASAP! :-)



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