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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] ALSA: hda - hdmi: Add ATI/AMD multi-channel audio support
2013/11/1 Anssi Hannula <>:
> Just to check, is the display mode 720p50 or higher (as per HDMI spec
> 7.3.3)? Though I guess too small mode would cause something else, not
> this...

I'm using 1080p all the time. Do you think that
HDMI_AUDIO_PACKETS_PER_LINE may have anything to do with this issue
(see evergreen_hdmi.c)?

> Also, does DTS-HD/TrueHD work with this receiver (interesting since
> those require 8-channel 192kHz link)?

Both are working for me. I've tested it using 2 movies:
1) English TrueHD.5.1 @ 1417 kbps
2) Audio
Codec................: DTSHD-MA
Bitrate..............: 3718 kbps
kHz/bit..............: 24-bit
Channels.............: 5.1
Language.............: English

> Would be interesting to check if this works in Windows I guess (or maybe
> even just fglrx, though I can't think of a reason it'd make a difference).

Installing fglrx is an option, I can try that. Not a big chance for
Windows here.

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