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SubjectRe: WTF: driver-core-next contains recursive directory removal!
Greg Kroah-Hartman <> writes:

> I don't think there's an issue here, otherwise both Tejun and I would
> have found some issues during testing, same for all of the other
> linux-next users for the past few weeks.

There issues were subtle and hard to detect especially without
instrumenting the code during pci hotplug to look for them. Memory
leaks, use after free, and needing pci hotplug to reproduce them made
the kinds of bugs I saw when I was working with it easy to go unnoticed
in light testing.

Beyond that the code has the deep issue that the code breaks normal
filesystem expectations in a way that is certain to confuse filesystem
people like Al Viro.

And yes that code being at all recursive is one of the things that Viro
objected to when you had him review sysfs before merging my cleanups
long ago.

Recursive removal is absolutely unnecessary, and it hides bugs, and
makes the code unnecessarily complex for no good reason.


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