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SubjectWTF: driver-core-next contains recursive directory removal!

Greg what is going on? I just looked and Tejuns ill-conceived recursive
directory deletion code has been merged into your driver-core-next tree.

That code is semantically broken. I reviewed it and I gave the reasons
why it was wrong. You came up to me and mentioned at LPC that you
agreed with my reasons. And yet I just looked in driver-core-next and
there the code is in all of it's broken glory.

Please pull out that crap it has no business ever going into a stable

The short version is unless someone has drastically changed pci hotplug
since last time I looked the code is dramatically wrong as pci hotplug
removes directories in the wrong order remove the parent first.

So now we have sysfs code that is remove directories multiple times, and
we just finished the conversation about sysfs_assoc_lock where Tejun was
just explaining how multiple removal of kobjects is not safe.

This sysfs semantic change is an unmaintainable disaster.

Linus if you would be so kind as to not merge this disaster when the
merge window opens I would very much appreciate it.


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