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SubjectRe: [Consult] our latest kernel and latest Android under arm Samsung S5PV210 with yaffs2 file system
于 2013年01月08日 22:53, Theodore Ts'o 写道:

firstly, thank you for your reply in details.


> yaffs2 is not a _standard_ file system for Android. There may be some
> phones which use it, but the much more common is either FAT (for the
> older phones) or ext4. The Google AOSP releases for pretty much all
> modern Nexus phones (Galaxy Nexus and newer if I recall correctly,
> certainly for GN, N4, N7, etc.) all use ext4.
for development, yaffs2 may be not a _standard_ file system for Android.
but for marketing, it is realy used as a common file system.
as far as I know:
some of HTC phone use it.
some embedded developement board use it.
it is well known in embedded area (can find many documents about it)

> So if your existing Android device is using yaffs2, you'll need to
> integrate yaffs2, since yaff2 is not in the upstream kernel. As far
> as hardware support, it will depend on the specifics of your
> development board, ...

thank you for your suggestions.
I will integrate yaffs2 to my current using kernel.

> ..., Others hopefully on this list will be able to answer it.
welcome any members to reply, thanks.

and additional consult:
is it suitable to integrate yaffs2 into upstream kernel ?



Chen Gang

Flying Transformer
fn:Chen Gang
n:;Chen Gang

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