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SubjectRe: Supporting SYSRQ on broken laptops like the thinkpad T530
On 2013-01-08 Tuesday at 15:09 -0800 Marc MERLIN wrote:
> In its infinite wisdom, lenovo has removed the sysrq key on the latest
> thinkpads, and replaced it with a stupid ALT+FN+S key combination, which
> doesn't really work for doing sysrq from the console (nor do I know how the
> genius who did that intended for SYSRQ-S to work).
> I realize that one solution is to throw my laptop window at a suitable high
> floorand replace it with one from a vendor that doesn't randomly remove keys
> from the keyboard.
> That said, I was wondering if there were other solutions, especially
> considering that thinkpads used to be the better linux laptops.

My Dell “Precision M4500” notebook suffers similar (same?) problem. So far
I could not find a solution better than this: e.g. Alt-Fn-SysRq-s

press and hold Alt
press and hold Fn
press and leave F10|SysRq
leave Fn
press and leave s
leave Alt

Several months ago a LKML user claimed, his cat had managed to press
Alt-Fn-SysRq-c on his Dell Latitude notebook with similar keyboard, and provided
photos showing the kernel crash message ;)

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