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SubjectRe: 3.8-rc2: pciehp waitqueue hang...
On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 5:13 AM, Yijing Wang <> wrote:
> On 2013/1/5 5:50, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
>> [+to Yijing, +cc Kenji]
>> On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 1:01 PM, Bjorn Helgaas <> wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 8:41 AM, Jiang Liu <> wrote:
>>>> Hi Daniel,
>>>> It seems like an issue caused by recursive PCIe HPC.
>>>> Could you please help to try the patch from:
>>> Hi Gerry,
>>> I'm working on merging this patch. Seems like something that might be
>>> appropriate for stable as well.
>>> Did you look for similar problems in other hotplug drivers?
>> Oops, sorry, I forgot that Yijing is the author of the patch in question.
>> Yijing, please check for the same problem in other hotplug drivers.
>> Questions I have after a quick look:
> Hi Bjorn,
> Sorry for delay reply. There are some busy work these days.
>> - shpchp_wq looks like it might have the same deadlock issue.
> shpchp driver uses two workqueues shpchp_wq and shpchp_ordered_wq, they are created by alloc_ordered_workqueue
> which set the "max_active" parameter to 1. So only one pci hotplug slot can do hotplug at the same time.
> shpchp introduced these workqueue to remove the use of flush_scheduled_work() which is deprecated and scheduled for removal.
> hot remove path is:
> button press
> shpc_isr(interrupt handler)
> shpchp_handle_attention_button
> queue_interrupt_event
> queue_work "interrupt_event_handler" into "shpchp_wq"
> interrupt_event_handler
> handle_button_press_event
> queue_delayed_work "shpchp_queue_pushbutton_work" into "shpchp_wq"
> queue_work "shpchp_pushbutton_thread" into "shpchp_ordered_wq"
> shpchp_pushbutton_thread
> shpchp_disable_slot
> pci_stop_and_remove_bus_device
> ......
> shpc_remove() if the hotplug slot connected a iobox which contains some hotplug pcieport, shpc_remove will be called when remove pcie port device.
> hpc_release_ctlr
> flush_workqueue(shpchp_wq);
> flush_workqueue(shpchp_ordered_wq);
> So hotplug task hang.
> shpchp driver has the same deadlock issue like pciehp driver, I think we should fix the issue, I will send out the patch if you agree this, but I have no machine support shpchp hotplug,
> so I can't test this patch in real machine.

That's OK. You've tested pciehp, and I don't want to leave shpchp
broken the same way just because we can't test a similar fix there, so
please do send the shpchp patch, too.

>> - pciehp_wq (and your per-slot replacement) are allocated with
>> alloc_workqueue(). shpchp_wq is allocated with
>> alloc_ordered_workqueue(). Why the difference?
> alloc_workqueue(name, 0, 0) set max_active to 0(0 is default value used and support 256 work items of the wq can be executing at the same time per CPU).
> So pciehp driver can handle push button event asynchronously.
> alloc_ordered_workqueue can only one handle push button event at the same time.

pciehp and shpchp should work the same in this respect unless there's
a reason they can't, so it sounds like we should make shpchp work like

>> - The alloc/alloc_ordered difference might be related to 486b10b9f4,
>> where Kenji removed alloc_ordered from pciehp. Should a similar
>> change be made to shpchp?
> Yes, I agree, we can use per-slot workqueue to fix this issue.
>> - acpiphp uses the global kacpi_hotplug_wq. We never flush or drain
>> kacpi_hotplug_wq, so I doubt there's a deadlock issue, but I wonder if
>> there are any ordering issues there because we *don't* ever wait for
>> things in that queue to be completed.
> acpiphp driver is not attach to a pci device, so when hot remove pci device, driver will not to flush or drain kacpi_hotplug_wq.
> But if we do acpiphp hot remove in sequence like this, there maybe cause some unexpected errors, I think.
> slot(A)------pcie port----slot(B)
> slot A and slot B both support acpiphp hotplug.
> 1、press attention button on slot A;
> 2、press attention button on slot B quickly after step 1;
> Because kacpi_hotplug_wq is a ordered workqueue, slot B hot remove won't run unless slot A hot remove action completed.
> After Slot B hot remove completed, some resources of slot A also has been destroyed. So slot B hot remove will cause some unexpected errors.
> Because my hotplug machine's bios don't support iobox hotplug(slot-connected-slot), I can't verify this situation.

Hmm. That definitely sounds like a potential problem. But I think
it's beyond the scope of the issue you're trying to fix, and any fix
would look much different from your current pciehp patch, so I think
we can treat it separately.

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