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SubjectRe: [[PATCH v2]] OMAP: omap4-panda: add WiLink shared transport power functions
Hi Luca,

On 01/17/2013 10:35 AM, Luciano Coelho wrote:
>> I just wonder how this is going to work with DT... You are not going to have
>> the ability to use callback in this form.
>> I think the GPIO handling should be done in the driver itself rather than in
>> the board file.
> I agree. The problem is that it used to be in the ti-st driver itself,
> but it has been removed in a patch that says "different platforms have
> begun to have their own ways to power-up/down the chip." (eccf2979
> drivers/misc/ti-st: remove gpio handling).

Hrm, this is a strange patch for sure. Coming at times when we all suppose to
move to DT and get rid of such callbacks for drivers.

> This needs to be clarified first. I think we could use this for now and
> later fix this properly (hopefully move it back to the ti-st driver).

Can the offending patch be reverted?
As I said to Felipe, I don't have any objections against this patch. It fits
the purpose. But with the DT support (and removing callbacks to platform code)
you are going to have fair amount work.

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