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SubjectRe: LIO - the broken iSCSI target implementation
On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 2:31 PM, Andy Grover <> wrote:
> No... actually upstream targetcli/rtslib are not very well maintained.
> Around 5 patches each in the last year.
> Meanwhile, I have been actively maintaining branches at
> and We
> have a man page and screencasts even. Feel free to file bugs against
> them and I'll respond.

If you look at the link that Nicholas pointed at, it
actually does point to your targetcli-fb as the source package.

The fact that that Andreas then had a hard time finding documentation
and where to report problems, and things didn't work well for him is
obviously a problem, though.

And yes, he may have found the RTS repository because he followed the
Debian entry on linux-iscsi points not to your git tree, but to that
one, but hey, that's Debian. I sometimes suspect that they actively
search out the oldest possible source repository in their quest to be


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