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SubjectRe: early init dt for earlyprintk (was Re: [RFC PATCH v1 25/31] ARC: [plat-arcfpga] Hooking up platform to ARC UART)
Hi Vineet

On 14/01/13 07:35, Vineet Gupta wrote:
> 2. We really need a Documentation/dt-for-new-linux-arches.txt, as the existing
> refs - while very helpful - fail to mention subtleties such as you absolutely need
> a intc instance and a default irq domain ..... before the driver can start using
> the DT.

Sounds like a good idea. I'm curious about what you say about default
IRQ domains though. Do you mean irq_set_default_host? In what way is
that required to use DT?


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