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SubjectRe: [v2] fadvise: perform WILLNEED readahead asynchronously

Il 25/12/2012 03:22, Eric Wong ha scritto:
> Any other (Free Software) applications that might benefit from
> lower FADV_WILLNEED latency?

Not with fadvise but with madvise. Libreoffice / have
this comment:

// On Linux, madvise(..., MADV_WILLNEED) appears to have the undesirable
// effect of not returning until the data has actually been paged in, so
// that its net effect would typically be to slow down the process
// (which could start processing at the beginning of the data while the
// OS simultaneously pages in the rest); on other platforms, it remains
// to be evaluated whether madvise or equivalent is available and
// actually useful:


May the same approach be extended to madvise MADV_WILLNEED?

riccardo magliocchetti

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