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Subject[Consult]: Re: [PATCH] synclink fix ldisc buffer argument
Hello Paul Fulghum:

Firstly, sorry for my mistake:
I am a reporter (not reviewer), and not suitable to review maintainer's patch.
when you send relative patch, need not cc to me (I am not reviewer)

could you send patch again (not need cc to me) ?
(and also it is better to mark me as Reported-by in your patch)

sorry for my mistake, again.


于 2012年12月07日 10:15, Chen Gang 写道:
> Hello Greg Kroah-Hartman:
> 于 2012年12月04日 01:13, Paul Fulghum 写道:
>> Fix call to line discipline receive_buf by synclink drivers.
>> Dummy flag buffer argument is ignored by N_HDLC line discipline but might
>> be of insufficient size if accessed by a different line discipline
>> selected by mistake. flag buffer allocation now matches max size of data
>> buffer. Unused char_buf buffers are removed.
>> Signed-off-by: Paul Fulghum <>
> if no additional questions:
> is it suitable to let this patch pass checking ?
> at least for me, it is surely solve an issue, and no negative effect.
> now, maybe Paul Fulghum is busy...
> the left questions what I have sent seems minor.
> so they can be delayed, until he has free time.
> when Paul Fulghum has free time.
> can still check what my left questions whether valid.
> if they are valid, can send additional patch for them.
> is it OK ?
> Regards

Chen Gang

Asianux Corporation
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