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SubjectRe: [RFC] ktap: Another dynamic tracing tool for Linux

bookjovi wrote:

> [...] This mail is RFC for discuss on a new dynamic tracing tool, I
> name it ktap. (only experimental project now)

Welcome to the problem domain!

> [...]
> what ktap differentiates with Systemtap is:
> [...]
> 2). ktap have good portability, because it compile source file to
> bytecode, like python and Java.

(From this PoV, systemtap is just as portable as the kernel, as it
generates the same sort of C code the kernel is built from.)

> [...]
> 5). ktap will be open source completely, with GPL license, it might be
> merge into mainline in someday, that's very convince for tracing user.

(systemtap has always been GPLv2, ever since its beginning in 2005.)

> [...]
> ktap use lua language syntax and bytecode as initial implementation,

Interesting approach. I recall we considered it way back when, but
rejected it for a couple of reasons, including the at-the-time
perceived unwelcomeness of a serious bytecode interpreter within the

> it could support kprobe, uprobe, userspace probe, etc.


> I wish you can give me some technical architecture pre-review for
> ktap, before ktap release 1.0.
> Any comments is welcome, thanks very much.

Have you made any source code available yet?

- FChE

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