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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/4] Cypress PS/2 Trackpad driver
Hi Kamal,

> Patch #2 (main driver), as recommended by Henrik Rydberg[2]:
> - use input_mt_assign_slots; drop cypress_cal_finger_id.
> - enable 2-finger-only SEMI_MT; drop cypress_simulate_fingers.
> - various code clean-ups.
> Henrik, does patch #2 appear to properly use assign_slots and SEMI_MT as
> you intended? This SEMI_MT method does work (with 2 finger support only),
> but I'm not clear why we wouldn't want to handle >2 fingers also, so ...

It looks pretty good, please see the patch comments for details. As
Dmitry said, one can report the number of fingers separately from the
two guiding contacts, and this semi-mt behavior is well supported in

> Patch #4 (new) reintroduces simulated multitouch for up to 5 fingers
> (#if CYPRESS_SIMULATE_MT), disabling SEMI_MT again.
> If that functionality (support for >2 fingers) can be acheived in some
> better way, please advise.

Yes, as above, so this patch will not be needed.


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