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SubjectRe: backing up ext4 fs, system unresponsive, thrashing like crazy even though swap is unused
On 2012-12-03 Monday at 01:56 +0200 Dimitrios Apostolou wrote:
> Dear Ronald,
Excuse me, my name is Roland.

> sorry for not replying at your first message but I didn't consider changing
> kernel as a resolution to my problem.
> … …
> > … …
> > One advantage of Linux compared to other OS is much more support for old
> > hardware, if a _proper_ kernel version is selected. Many years ago I used
> > a notebook with 40 M total RAM, with a 2.4 kernel, Blackbox window manager and
> > Opera web browser … it worked flawlessly … just rather slowly due to swapping.
> > Your notebook has much more RAM than 40 M, thus there is surely a Linux solution
> > for you. Try a kernel, it supports ext4 (“ext4dev”), probably it
> > supports all devices of your notebook, and with a slim window manager e.g.
> > WindowMaker or OpenBox your notebook will probably “fly”.
> I appreciate your advice. I remember when we were running 2.4 much less
> memory was needed, but still I consider the kernel /fairly/ lean
> considering the time passed and the bloat in userspace applications. I
> choose to run latest kernels on old hardware, hopefully this will continue
> to be the case, and if things deteriorate much then let's hope we'll have
> enough time to help and fix them! :-)

Ok, this is another story: You are not looking for a least-effort solution just
for your notebook. Instead you want to contribute to the LMKL community
solutions how to run current kernel versions under extremly tight memory
limitations like with your notebook, right? If so: This is highly appreciated,
thank you! I will interestingly read your findings :)

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