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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] mm, bootmem: panic in bootmem alloc functions even if slab is available
On Thu, 27 Dec 2012, Sasha Levin wrote:

> That's exactly what happens with the patch. Note that in the current upstream
> version there are several slab checks scattered all over.
> In this case for example, I'm removing it from __alloc_bootmem_node(), but the
> first code line of__alloc_bootmem_node_nopanic() is:
> if (WARN_ON_ONCE(slab_is_available()))
> return kzalloc(size, GFP_NOWAIT);

You're only talking about mm/bootmem.c and not mm/nobootmem.c, and notice
that __alloc_bootmem_node() does not call __alloc_bootmem_node_nopanic(),
it calls ___alloc_bootmem_node_nopanic().

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