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SubjectRe: kernel panic when running /etc/init.d/iptables restart
cc netdev
Hi canqun:

On 2012/12/24 13:51, canqun zhang wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> If i start one lxc container instance, and then in the system there
> will be two net namespaces,one is init_net namespace, the other is
> created by lxc.If running "/etc/init.d/iptables restart",the system
> will be panic. I find iptables restarting will clean init_net
> namespace firstly,then clean the net namespace created by lxc,buf
> related functions about cleaning up init_net namespace will destroy
> global variables such as nf_ct_destroy,ip_ct_attach,etc.So,funtions
> cleaning up the other net namespace will be panic.

I'm afraid that the system will not panic.
When do rmmod nf_conntrack_ipv[4,6],we already call nf_ct_iterate_cleanup
to destroy the nf_conns which belongs to l[3,4]proto protocols,At this
time the nf_ct_destroy still points to destroy_conntrack because the module
nf_conntrack is hold by l3 and l4proto.
You can check the function nf_conntrack_l[3,4]proto_unregister.

Can you make it a little clear?
The reproduction and oops dump stack is useful.

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