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SubjectRe: [Suggestion] drivers/staging/tidspbridge: pr_err and pr_debug for uninitialized buffer (name buf not initialized).
于 2012年12月24日 22:26, Omar Ramirez Luna 写道:
>> b: version merging issue:
>> > in drivers/staging/tidspbridge/core/_tiomap.h
>> > need use "#include <mach-omap2/cm3xxx.h>" instead of "#include <mach-omap2/cm2xxx_3xxx.h>"
>> > the macro OMAP3430_CM_AUTOIDLE_PLL has already move from cm2xxx_3xxx.h to cm3xxx.h.
>> > (it seems arch/arm/mach-omap2/ is not a suitable place for including, but we have to)
>> > if not change, compiling will be failed.

also please help checking this issue, thanks.

Chen Gang

Asianux Corporation
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