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Subject[2.6.32.y, 2.6.34.y] Re: [PATCH] x86: Don't use the EFI reboot method by default
Hi Willy et al,

Please consider

f70e957cda22 x86: Don't use the EFI reboot method by default,

for application to the 2.6.32.y and 2.6.34.y trees. The patch was
applied upstream late in the 3.0 cycle, so newer kernels don't need

In 2011, Keith Ward wrote[1]:

> When attempting to reboot my my UEFI enabled system, the system hangs when
> calling reboot requiring me to manually reset the system via the reset switch.
> Screenshot:

Ben Hutchings writes[1]:

> Version: 3.0.0-1
> I also had this problem on my own system, but it is fixed now.
> I bisected the fix to:
> commit f70e957cda22d309c769805cbb932407a5232219
> Author: Matthew Garrett <>
> Date: Wed Jul 6 16:52:37 2011 -0400
> x86: Don't use the EFI reboot method by default
> which is basically equivalent to the workaround!
> I'll also apply this fix to squeeze as it's so simple.

Keith Ward also wrote[1]:

> It seems as if this has recently been reported at Ubuntu's Launchpad as well:

There are a variety of reports of the same panic at that bug on
2.6.32.y-, 2.6.38.y-, and 2.6.39-based kernels. Passing "reboot=a,w"
on the kernel command line avoids trouble for reporters.



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