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SubjectRe: [3.8-rc1] Networking problems after pulling-in net.git#master
On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 10:10 PM, Julian Anastasov <> wrote:
>> - memset(dst_ha, 0, dev->addr_len);
>> + memcpy(dst_ha, dev->broadcast, MAX_ADDR_LEN);
> Use dev->addr_len instead of MAX_ADDR_LEN or
> better provide NULL ptr to arp_send as before the
> "ipv4: arp: fix a lockdep splat in arp_solicit" change,
> for example by keeping dst_ha as pointer and using another
> name for the temp array that is now dst_ha[MAX_ADDR_LEN].

OK, I will use a new temp variable.


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