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SubjectRe: CoreSight framework and drivers
On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 10:18:28PM +0000, Pratik Patel wrote:
> What user interface do you plan to provide for the CTI? Maybe
> something consistent with other CoreSight components in sysfs to
> allow users to enable, disable, map and unmap ???
> Please let me know your thoughts.

Rather than have your current approach of dev nodes + sysfs config files for
each coresight device, I think it might be better to follow something closer
to ftrace and stick per-device directories under debugfs/coresight/. Then you
can have a pipe file and some config files in the same directory for each
component. You also don't need to do any mapping operations with this (just
post-process the stream directly).

It might also be fun to play with file redirection for sources and sinks, but
that's probably a bit too invasive.


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