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SubjectRe: Regression in 3.8-rc1: "BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context"
On Sat, 2012-12-22 at 19:02 +0100, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> Top-posting so that the rest can remain untouched.
> Right, so AFAICT, something is holding rtnl_mutex (probably some
> rtnetlink traffic) and device_rename() is doing kstrdup with
> GFP_KERNEL which, among others, has __GFP_WAIT and *that* triggers the
> might_sleep_if() check in slab_pre_alloc_hook():
> static inline int slab_pre_alloc_hook(struct kmem_cache *s, gfp_t flags)
> {
> flags &= gfp_allowed_mask;
> lockdep_trace_alloc(flags);
> might_sleep_if(flags & __GFP_WAIT); <--- HERE
> Adding Christoph and Pekka although the slub.c might_sleep stuff is from
> 2010. Still, they might have a better idea.
> Oh well, let's add netdev while we're at it. :-)

RTNL is a mutex, its perfectly valid to use GFP_KERNEL while holding a

As replied before your mail, fix for the problem is already in David

Bug was added in commit c91f6df2db4972d3cc983e6988b9abf1ad02f5f9 :;a=commit;h=c91f6df2db4972d3cc983e6988b9abf1ad02f5f9


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