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SubjectRe: dire state of rtl driver in 3.7
On 12/22/2012 09:09 AM, Norbert Preining wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have no idea who is responsible or how to continue, but the rtl driver
> is in such a dire state and it seems nobody cares. I have no reported
> several times about it, without the slightest reactions. How can it be
> that after so many years we still not be able to do wireless.
> Ok, here are some facts to make people happy:
> kernel 3.7.0
> rtl8192se
> AP infos:distance: 3m
> NEC Aterm WR8600N ATERM-B45459
> firmware 1.0.11

It is not that no one cares; however, your attitude does nothing to induce me to
work on this problem. The facts are not needed "to make people happy", they are
necessary to try to reproduce the problem. If I cannot make it happen here, then
I cannot fix it. Also, remember that I am a volunteer. I get nothing from
Realtek but starting code of varying quality and some sample chips. At least my
versions do not crash your computer.

Your subject for the E-mails certainly defeats any attempt to search. There is
no driver named "rtl".

As I told you in a previous mailing, my system shows none of the symptoms that
you see. I have tested all 3 varieties of chips that use driver rtl8192se and I
never get the long ping times that you reported earlier.

I have never tested forcing a reset on the chip the way you did. I am not
surprised that bad things happen.

From some of the material that you report, it appears that you have an 802.11n
connection using WPA1 encryption. (More of those pesky details!) That particular
configuration is one that I have not been using as my 802.11n router is shared
with my spouse, and I cannot change it that easily, but I will give it a try.


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