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Subject[3.8-rc1] Networking problems after pulling-in net.git#master

after reading the thread "Regression in 3.8-rc1: "BUG: sleeping
function called from invalid context"" [1] I decided to pull-in
net.git#master (up to commit 9b1536c490d5: "bridge: call
br_netpoll_disable in br_add_if") on top of Linus upstream.

With this kernel I can't neither ping my router nor does DNS work.
IIRC there were 6 commits, not sure which of them is culprit.

I tried the v3.8-rc1-raring from [2] which works nicely here on
Ubuntu/precise AMD64.
Can't say if NetworkManager is involved or not.

Any feedback appreciated, Thanks.

- Sedat -


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