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SubjectRe: dire state of rtl8192se driver in 3.7
Hi Larry,, hi all

On Sa, 22 Dez 2012, Larry Finger wrote:
> It is not that no one cares; however, your attitude does nothing to
> induce me to work on this problem. The facts are not needed "to make

Aehm, ... after my initial report you asked me several more questions,
which I answered within a few hours. After that no as in 0 response,
although I pinged back a few times.

So am I supposed to deduce from 0 reactions that anyone is interested?

> people happy", they are necessary to try to reproduce the problem. If I
> cannot make it happen here, then I cannot fix it. Also, remember that I

Disagree. I am involved in tracking down a nasty regression in the intel
drm driver, which the intel people can *not* reproduce, but several
other people, and after long trials and patches and converse it is
starting to look much better.

> am a volunteer. I get nothing from Realtek but starting code of varying
> quality and some sample chips. At least my versions do not crash your

Ok, that is a problem I understand. If this is the case, that it is
a single volunteer caring for the code, then I see a real problem.
(And I also will try to stay away from rtl wlan cards on my next laptop)

> I have never tested forcing a reset on the chip the way you did. I am not
> surprised that bad things happen.

But the DMAR item I also reported points to a real problem I guess.

> From some of the material that you report, it appears that you have an
> 802.11n connection using WPA1 encryption. (More of those pesky details!)

WPA PSK, yes. I don't know the difference between WPA2 and WPA, though.

Best wishes, and merry christmas

Norbert Preining preining@{,,}
JAIST, Japan TeX Live & Debian Developer
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