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SubjectALSA: Conexant CX20585 (thinkpad t510) speaker powersave regression

I've got an issue with sound on my t510. It started in the late 3.4.x
kernels. Sound works on boot and for 5-10min after, then the speakers
stop working at all.

I posted a while back on the alsa-users list, and someone else had the
same issue:

It seems that the speakers(?) are getting moved to state D3 and turning
off. You can manually get it to come back for a few minutes by using
hda-verb to move it back to D0:

hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC0D0 0x1f SET_POWER_STATE 0
is my alsa-info.

I'd file a bug on the alsa bug tracker, but it still seems to be down
(for many months now?). No response on alsa-users, so now that I have a
bit of time, I am posting here in hopes someone can look. ;)

Happy to provide more info or try things.

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