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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] New driver: Xillybus generic interface for FPGA (programmable logic)
On 11/30/2012 06:32 PM, Greg KH wrote:
>>>> > >>+static struct class *xillybus_class;
>>> > >Why not just use the misc interface instead of your own class?
>> > When Xillybus is used, the whole system's mission is usually around
>> > it (e.g. it's a computer doing data acquisition through the Xillybus
>> > pipes). So giving it a high profile makes sense, I believe. Besides,
>> > a dozen of device files are not rare.
> It is no problem to create dozens of misc devices. It makes your driver
> smaller, contain less code that I have to audit and you have to ensure
> you got right, and it removes another user of 'struct class' which we
> are trying to get rid of anyway. So please, move to use a misc device.

It has just occurred to me that DYNAMIC_MINORS is 64
(drivers/char/misc.c), so I guess that limits the number of misc devices
that can be generated, at least with dynamically allocated minors. I
previously mentioned "a dozen" as the number of devices, but I've
already run tests with 100+ devices, and I can also think of a sane
application for that.

So if I understood the situation correctly, it looks like using misc
devices will create a limitation which will be reached sooner or later.

Any suggestion what to do?

Thanks in advance,


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